AgileDogs goes blogger!

Hello!  I’m Trisha Stall.  This is a new venture for me.  I never was one to understand the “blogging” thing, but when I originally created my Yahoo group, agiledogsat, 5 years ago I intended it to be a forum for lively discussion, question and answer, and other  things I hadn’t even dreamt of yet.  It started out wonderfully, but due to mostly lack of time on my part, it never became what I really wanted it to be.

My website is wonderful, and I can disseminate a lot of information to my students and friends through it.  However, I had the idea the other day that I could probably get some of my more inner (and at times random!) thoughts out to folks using a blogging type forum.  I found this site pretty quickly, and decided to give it a go.  I have yet to figure out how to tell everyone it exists, but first things first, I needed to post something first 🙂

So, for now, welcome to my blog, and if you don’t know anything about me or agility training, check out my website,

Until next time,

Buddy (10 yo Border Collie),
Jart (6 yo mix – Border Collie/Papillon perhaps?)

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