Jumpers Course – Jan 25 2009

Here’s the Advanced Jumpers Course designed and judged by Dave Bozak on January 25th at the Feel the Rush trial in Amherst NH, at American K9 Country. 


There are 2 things I did with Jart on this course that were APHS inspired.  First, let me say, handlers were really focusing on the 13-14 area as a problem area.  I would’ve done a front cross and fumbled to get out of Jart’s way and then had to perform a hard shoulder turn to get him around the 15-16 turn before attending the Jenn Crank seminar.  However, I had an easier solution, plus one I thought (hoped) Jart would read nicely.

First, earlier on course, 8-9-10, instead of pushing into the pocket to get the turn to 9 and 10, and then possibly falling behind for the line of jumps 10-12 and onto 13, I chose to decelerate while giving Jart a verbal Jump and nice hand signal, keeping myself heading straight forward.  When he committed to the jump, I turned and ran the other way, making a clear, straight line for him from right to left on the course as drawn.  This worked like a charm!

I had decided that getting the #13 jump would be easier if I was on Jart’s right for the line going into it, so this worked perfectly as the previous move kept me on his right.  I then did a second deceleration with verbal Jump and good hand signal, again keeping my body square and pointed straight at  the jump.  The tough part here was making sure he was taking the jump and was turning to the right, then doing a 270 degree turn and taking off in the new direction, towards #15.  I got a nice turn over the #13 jump, but started to take off a split second too early and Jart pulled in a bit, coming past the #14 jump.  It took me a bit to get him around it and back over it in the correct direction (we walked in circles around each other a couple of times), and we ended up 8 seconds over time because of it. 

BTW, the next move, a sharp rear cross at #15, worked really well, then we were home free, me laterally pulling him around the slight left turns and then taking off for the last 2 jumps and the finish line.

I was very happy with our run.  We tried and successfully used a brand move for me, which of course Jart read effortlessly because it was natural him to read and respond to my body language.  The only problem on course was me, my timing was a little off.  I’ll forgive myself, this trusting my dog and not putting in extra cues/shoulder turns/verbals/etc is new to me!


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