February 14th – busy day!

Yes, my birthday was yesterday, February 14th.  And yes, I was doing dog agility all day.  First was the CDAFG (Capital District Agility Fun Group) in the morning, which I was the host for this week, at Sugar Bush Farm in Stephentown.  Then, I hosted a Small Dog Handling and Motivation seminar in the afternoon.

Thanks to Dottie for bringing the cake (and oh, you guys just had to sing, didn’t you???).  Thanks to everyone for making the day fun and memorable.

For those that don’t know what CDAFG is, it’s a local, informal group, 5 clubs participate and hold matches every few weeks at a different location.  It’s mainly for dogs to get used to  the trial atmosphere, to work in different places and on different equipment.    It’s also for people to get together and enjoy agility.  We do a standard run and game each time, and the game is always different.  Also, the courses are posted ahead of time so the people can think about the courses (gasp, even set them up and practice them if they want!) beforehand.

Here’s this past weekend’s 2 courses:



As you can see, the hearts game was really fun to run!  I did well on both courses with Jart – on Std, he went off course at #3 to the right end of the tunnel even though I hung back and turned to pull him left more quickly.  BTW, this was the most frequent off course on this course.  I wish I had just asked for the right end of this tunnel in retrospect, but oh well, it was good training for folks!  He also went off course while doing the serpentine, at #13.  I was getting him around that section fine (and yes, it was fun to watch handlers doing this part well!) but my timing on sending him to #13 was just a bit off and he went past the jump and into the left end of the tunnel.  But, no sniffies (he often does that at Sugar Bush, that dirt floor you know) and he was fast, i.e. not nervous.  In the game he aced it – I did the 5 point (A line) bonus and the left heart-half course first; I probably could’ve gotten the 10 point bonus if my momentum and excitement wouldn’t have carried me over the first line.  On the second heart-half course, the right one, I got the 10 point bonus for sending him from behind the B line.  Many people did really well on this, it was fun to watch.

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  1. Holly says:

    Happy birthday!

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