New Dog? Yes!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I’ve simply been swamped. 

Thanks for all of your advice in my new dog search.  I have found a potential dog.  However, I need your help – I need a name for this dog that will looks like she will be mine soon (I’m just waiting on the paperwork final ok). 

I went to visit her last night in Kingston, and brought my dogs along.  She is such a sweetie – friendly, loves everyone, not overbearing, just a joy.   Veronica (Princess’s foster Mom) had a front living room where it was just me and her and the dog.  Well, actually, because I had to park a side street away, I brought Jart right away, knowing he wouldn’t have a problem.  Despite Jart being nervous in a new place, and darting under the coffee table several times when someone moved or talked, he was playing with her and getting along fine.  Veronica (the foster Mom) brought her dog down, too, an Affenpinscher (what a cute, but rare, breed this is!), and all 3 played for awhile.  Then she offered to put Jart in a small crate in the corner of the room so I could go get Buddy. 


When I got back with him, and edged open the front door, Buddy and Princess (her temporary name) were nose to nose!  Buddy was fine, didn’t seem to mind being face to face with a strange dog, and in fact he didn’t seem stressed at all as I closed the door for a second and fed Buddy so that Veronica could get Princess away from the front door.  I then came in again, feeding Buddy treats, and Princess walked over to us again.  They circled each other a bit, then I wanted to remove Buddy for a minute and praise/reward him, but Princess wasn’t on a leash and kept following us.  Again, Buddy was calm and seemingly unaffected and not threateneded by her prescence.  Veronica took her over to the corner of the living room, and I gave Buddy a few minutes to acclimate without Princess right next to him.  I then let him go back over to her, and spent the next 5 minutes or so alternately letting them interact (sniff, circle, stand next to each other) and moving Buddy away and treating both of them.  Twice Princess got too close to Buddy’s face (I think she wanted to play) and Buddy curled his lip at her.  She appropriately backed away, and wasn’t overly bothered by it. 


Buddy was reaching his limit (i.e. he was getting tired of holding it together in a new place), and I wanted to end on a good note, so I got ready to take him back to the van.  Just as I was telling Veronica my plans, Princess came up beside Buddy and put a paw on his back, wanting him to play.  I felt him tense up and I picked him up as he started to growl to tell her off, and I kept holding Buddy while Veronica gathered Jart up so we could walk both dogs together back to the van.

So, now, I am waiting to see if I’m approved to be Princess’s new Mom, but in the meantime, I need to think of a new name for her.  The foster Mom is calling her Shatzi now, but I don’t want that name, either.  I need a name that’s unique, comes out nicely on an agility course, and that fits her.


Any ideas welcome!

Here’s the link to her Petfinder listing:

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