Power Your Paws Seminar!

Oh, wow…  I had a blast on Monday doing the “Power Your Paws” seminar for filming by Agility Vision in Sandgate, VT.  What a lovely facility!  I was nervous; thank goodness it wasn’t presented live, so that they can edit out my pauses to look at my notes, and the times people were walking the courses and sequences.

I’m not a public speaker by nature; the first time I taught an agility class 10 years ago I was so scared I could hardly talk.  But I got through it, and realized the students were getting a lot out of my classes and hardly noticed I was nervous.  Then, by the time I started presenting seminars and hosting agility trials (try talking to 100+ people at once!), I was more used to public speaking.

But, speaking before a camera for all posterity brings a whole new level of nervousness out, or at least it did in me.  It also did for the 7 people taking the seminar (we kept the size small for filming purposes), as witnessed by their first course run.  After that run, we all loosened up and got to business. 

It was 6 hours of fun, lots of motivation and getting every bit of speed and fun out of each team.  I just found out the video will be available for purchase in a week or so (they’re working fast!), and they’ve just completed the trailer.  You’ve gotta see it – here’s the link:


Let me know what you think after you’ve purchased and watched it, I’d love to hear your comments.


2 Responses to Power Your Paws Seminar!

  1. Michelle says:

    I really enjoyed the DVD. I am watching it slowly and will watch it over to make sure I took note of all your comments. Its refreshing not to have a seminar with all high drive border collies.

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