I’m Trisha Stall, owner of AgileDogs Agility Training.  I have dogs of my own that I compete in dog agility and rally obedience with, and have been teaching dog agility for 7 years.  I also host trials and seminars in upstate New York.

Check out www.agiledogs.net – my complete bio is on the about me page!

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  1. laurie grace says:

    Hi Trisha! Hope you are doing great and hanging in with your crazy schedule. I have a question though about your July 4/5 USDAA trial. I keep looking for the results on the USDAA website and they seemed to have skipped your trial, going right to Riverside the following week. I emailed them and they said they were waiting for you to send something. So, I was wondering if there is any way to find out if or when you might be sending in the files they need. Sorry to bother you. Thanks for the help.


    • agiledogs says:

      Laurie Grace,

      Yes, my schedule is hectic as always!

      Regarding the USDAA trial. One of the team results hadn’t been printed and submitted to USDAA, so the office has been corresponding with me as we went back and forth trying to correct/fill in the missing information (remembering that I had no computer results as I lost them, so basically they had all of the info which I was trying to reconstruct on my end to submit to them). Finally they just sent me the entire results back so I could get them that one form back. (Please don’t ask why they didn’t just do it themselves as they had scribe sheets, ERB’s and accumulator sheets on hand…).

      Good news – this means I’ll be uploading all of the newly inputted results to my website in a day or two – I re-did data entry for the whole trial on Friday. Also, I just sent the corrected results back to USDAA, which they should have by mid week and hopefully have up on their website in another week or so.

      Thanks for your patience!

  2. laurie grace says:

    Wow, great job! Way too much work for one trial though. I’m so sorry you lost your results and had to tally up by hand more than once. Sheesh. The good news though is that at the trial we came in 4th overall Team but on your printouts, we really came in 3rd. Yea for us. Thanks Trish for your continued wonderful support and work.

    Also, your letter you wrote in Cleanrun last month made me cry. It was especially wonderful. I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize that you had lost Sandy until that letter. Life consumes us and we sometimes miss important moments. I’m sorry I missed that one. Our canine companions teach us so much about love and life. Anyone who truly understands the bond we share with our dogs has an understanding of heaven. I’ll always think of you with Sandy by your side.


    • agiledogs says:

      Laurie Grace,

      Oh, wow, I hope I didn’t make an error in the data entry if the results for team came up differently… 🙂

      Well, it’s in USDAA’s hands again, and I believe I was correct in my keying in of scribe sheets this time around, so likely what’s on my printouts now is correct!

      I wrote that article about Sandy about a year ago, it took Clean Run awhile to find a space to include it. I am like you, sometimes agility friends lose their long-time dogs and I am unaware of it until 6 months or more later, then feel like a dolt for not knowing and not saying anything to the person. Most dogs that I knew from my early years of trialing, in the 1990’s, are now gone, and it’s truly sad. Nothing is like your first agility dog.

      Thank you,

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