My Parents 50th Wedding Anniversary

August 22, 2009

The following was in the Berkshire Eagle last weekend:

Stalls Celebrate 50 Years

August 15, 2009

Recent photo wedding

Marjorie and Ralph Stall

     Ralph and Marjorie Stall of New Lebanon, NY celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on August 15th.  They were married in the East Chatham Methodist Church on August 15, 1959.
     They have a daughter, Trisha, of New Lebanon, NY.
     Ralph retired from General Electric/Martin Marietta, as a senior Designer in 1993 after 37 years of service.  After retirement he worked part  time as a design checker for Advanced Power Technologies, first in Pittsfield and then in Schodack, NY.  Ralph is an avid golfer and plays almost every day at Bas-Ridge in Hinsdale, Mass, and has gotten two holes-in-one.  He continues to try for the 3rd one.
     Marjorie, formerly Marjorie Larabee, worked as a bookkeeper for the first few years of their marriage and then was a stay at home Mom and housewife.  Marge is an avid quilt maker.


I am putting together a booklet for Mom and Dad, and if you would like to send me an email, I will include it in the booklet. 

I know some of you know them very well, others have just seen them loading equipment at trials, or Dad fixing things, or bringing me items at trials.  Or, some of you know of my Mom making that Teacup quilt for the TDAA nationals, or my parents making and bringing the food for my summer agility camp.

But, they do a great deal for me such as getting the trailer packed up, driven to the site, and unloading it, taking inventory of the ribbons and food after the trial is over.  Plus, they take care of my dogs when I go to my day job adn when I am away judging on weekends.  Anything you want to include is fine, either something you remember about them or just sending them good wishes.  Thanks in advance!



Not enough hours…

May 19, 2009

I know, I know, I haven’t posted a blog in – what is it, 2 weeks??  Yikes!

I just cannot seem to get the “necessary” things done (you know, confirmation emails for my camp, courses designed for future judging assignments, entries into the computer for the CPE trial in 3 weeks), let alone find time for this blog, which I love the idea of but at least for the moment isn’t at the top of my priority list.

Anyone out there have ideas for time management?  Or, even, ideas for what they’d like to see me write about that doesn’t take me an inordinant amount of time. 

For instance, I’d love to post more courses/sequences to critique how I look at and handle them these days using APHS.   I’d love to give updates about Lucy (who’s started some agility training, but is still having problems being left alone in a crate, which is the only safe spot where she won’t ingest something bad again).  I’d love to talk about my schedule of judging, trialing my own dogs, and hosting trials and camps.  But, oh, there isn’t any time…

Ok, enough poor me, I’ve managed to write quite a bit in just 5 minutes, haven’t I?

What that being said, I must get back to work at my non-agility day job…


February 14th – busy day!

February 15, 2009

Yes, my birthday was yesterday, February 14th.  And yes, I was doing dog agility all day.  First was the CDAFG (Capital District Agility Fun Group) in the morning, which I was the host for this week, at Sugar Bush Farm in Stephentown.  Then, I hosted a Small Dog Handling and Motivation seminar in the afternoon.

Thanks to Dottie for bringing the cake (and oh, you guys just had to sing, didn’t you???).  Thanks to everyone for making the day fun and memorable.

For those that don’t know what CDAFG is, it’s a local, informal group, 5 clubs participate and hold matches every few weeks at a different location.  It’s mainly for dogs to get used to  the trial atmosphere, to work in different places and on different equipment.    It’s also for people to get together and enjoy agility.  We do a standard run and game each time, and the game is always different.  Also, the courses are posted ahead of time so the people can think about the courses (gasp, even set them up and practice them if they want!) beforehand.

Here’s this past weekend’s 2 courses:



As you can see, the hearts game was really fun to run!  I did well on both courses with Jart – on Std, he went off course at #3 to the right end of the tunnel even though I hung back and turned to pull him left more quickly.  BTW, this was the most frequent off course on this course.  I wish I had just asked for the right end of this tunnel in retrospect, but oh well, it was good training for folks!  He also went off course while doing the serpentine, at #13.  I was getting him around that section fine (and yes, it was fun to watch handlers doing this part well!) but my timing on sending him to #13 was just a bit off and he went past the jump and into the left end of the tunnel.  But, no sniffies (he often does that at Sugar Bush, that dirt floor you know) and he was fast, i.e. not nervous.  In the game he aced it – I did the 5 point (A line) bonus and the left heart-half course first; I probably could’ve gotten the 10 point bonus if my momentum and excitement wouldn’t have carried me over the first line.  On the second heart-half course, the right one, I got the 10 point bonus for sending him from behind the B line.  Many people did really well on this, it was fun to watch.