New Dog?…

February 5, 2009


I am starting to look for a new dog.  Buddy, now almost 10 years old, will be retiring in the next year or so.  Jart is in his prime.  It’s time to get another. 

Problem is, Buddy doesn’t get along well with most dogs.  He has no social skills, and is reactive and prone to herding-type behaviors.  Plus, he suffers from a lack of confidence.


This afternoon I went to check out a dog at a local shelter.  She’s a young (less than 2 years old) Border Collie Jack Russell Terrier mix, really cute, really energetic, named Spring (what else?).  Yes, she can jump about 5′ high in a single bound! I had gone to see her already, and knew she was over the top for energy level.  But, they had said she was good with other dogs, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

It went as I had predicted it might.  Jart was fine with her, even though she was rude – always pulling to get to him, pushy in nature.  By the way, they do a great job there in letting new dogs greet – we walked the 2 dogs first on opposite sides of the road, then let them come together briefly, then apart awhile, then together again if all goes well the first time.

Then I put Jart away and got Buddy. He could sense her boldness and rudeness right away and lunged/reacted to her before we got them within 5′ of each other.  We walked them for awhile, and didn’t even let them try to get closer, knowing it wasn’t going to work.

I fear it will be very hard for me to find a suitable third for my dog pack; Buddy’s unique needs may nix lots of dogs that otherwise would do fine in my household.

Buddy needs a confident, yet not overly assertive, dog who is dog savvy and on an even keel temperament and personality-wise.  So, for those of you in the Eastern NY/Western New England area, this is a solicitation of sorts.  I am looking for a girl; size doesn’t really matter, but I don’t really want a dog over 21″ or so; and I would prefer 2 years or younger in age.  I want her to be a playmate to Jart, be a calm dog around the house, and be one of my agility dogs.

Some of you know I am also considering an Aussie or Aussie mix.  I think their personality type will be compatible with Buddy’s needs: happy-go-lucky, not bothered by much, can just hang around the house without bouncing off the walls, yet can turn it on for agility.

Basically, I’m looking for a dog with a good off switch, plus one that can snuggle with me at night; I miss that…

If anyone knows of a dog in Eastern New York or New England, please let me know.  And please pass the word about Spring, she’ll make someone an excellent agility dog!