Lucy Update


I wanted to get you a quick update on Lucy, even though this week I’m swamped with my CPE trial prep stuff.

The results came back and she does not have Lepto.  So much for that theory!  The liver failure was cauesd by was either infectious or toxicity.  My best guess is that it was all those toys she ate the first week she was here… you know, PVC/plastic hollow balls, squeaky toys, plush toys.  So much came out the other end of her, but perhaps some stayed in her.  And, I read that many of the dog toys on the market contain DINP, which is a chemical used to make hard PVC plastic soft and pliable. 

Here’s a link to the article I found about this:

AKC and Mixed Breeds

Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard that AKC will soon “allow” mixed breeds to compete at agility events.  I, like many others, have no wish to do this; there are plenty of other venues out there that don’t discriminate against our All Americans.  I found this blog this morning and just had to share.  Too funny!

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