Hy Caliber Video

I have to promote these guys.  They have a great service – I’m trying to get them to come out and video for one of my trials this year, but they’re in high demand!

Look at this video taken of Jart on April 18th at BARK’s USDAA trial:

In addition, I’ll be holding a live seminar on Monday, June 8th (after the CPE nationals) that they are going to stream to the web!  This is going to be “Motivating Your Agility Dog”, and will run from 11am-5pm with an hour long lunch break.  I’m going to have a small group (maybe 5 dogs) because that will work best for this format.  So, if you’re interested in this seminar, please email me and I’ll get you more details!  I’m so excited to be doing this; I know it’s going to be fun, as well as a learning experience.  I’m also happy that I will be able to get my information out to more people that would normally not be able to benefit from my seminars.

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